Sunday, 20 May 2012


This morning when we got to school, everything was white and frosty. Frost occurs when it is a fine night, with no clouds.  As the night air cools, it drops dew, because cold air can't hold water vapour.  When the temperature drops to freezing, (0c) the dew freezes, forming frost.  Bird baths and puddles freeze too.  Our steps were slippery and icy, so Matua Eric put some astroturf, so we won't slip over. We wrote an acrostic poem about frost. People say "Jack Frost is about," but frost is a kind of weather, not a person.

Really freezing and icy outside.
Our steps were slippery and white.
Sunny Winter mornings are frosty.
Today is frosty and cold.

Santanna, Phoenix and Ashlee on the icy steps.

Santanna, Ashley, and Phoenix check out the frosty playground.

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  1. 'hi,that is a really cool photo of the ice on the park...

    from Maraea in awesome c1...


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