Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lakeside Concert 2012

I live by town and I saw the fireworks, they were colourful.  Me and my dad and Jackson watched it together.
I went to the concert at the lake.  I went with my mum and dad and Tayla.  I fell asleep so we went home.  We didn’t see the fireworks.
I went to the concert and I had fun at the concert.  I had popcorn, and I could see the man was singing.  Then the fireworks came on, and then it finished.
On Saturday night me and my mum and my dad watched the band.  The band was long.  I was asleep, then the fireworks came on.  I liked the fireworks.  The fireworks were colourful.

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  1. Well done B6. Fantastic stories for the start of the year. I look forward to reading a lot more throughout the year.
    Mrs Macfarlane


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