Saturday, 31 March 2012


B6 have made fantastic progress in swimming this term.  Mrs Caudwell had some help from Erin (Swim-Safe NZ), and that helped her to help us!  Now we are all floating, gliding, and skulling, so that we will be safe if ever we fall into water.  That means we can stay afloat untill someone can rescue us.  Did you know that if you hum a little song, the water doesn't go up your nose?
We all want to shout-out a big 'THANK_YOU' to Matua Erik, who keeps our school pool warm and clean for us.
Check out our 'Oodles of Noodles' photopeach - you can see us having free-play on Friday, our last day of swimming for the term.


  1. Thanks for the tip B6, I am going to try humming next time I go swimming, I hate getting water up my nose!
    From Paula

  2. Congratulations B6. I look forward to having the pool open again in Term 4 so you can continue your excellent swimming skills


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