Sunday, 25 March 2012

On Friday, we had a fantasic visit from Dan The Puppet Man.  He had Ruru, the road-safety owl.
We helped Porangi the pukeko to learn all about how to cross the road safely.  You have to Stop, look both ways, and walk across the road.  You must never run on the road.
We saw heaps of funny puppets.  One was a boy who broke his arm because he went on the road to get his ball.  One was a boy who did not wear his bike helmet, and he got hit by a car.
To be safe when we are in a car, we must be in a booster seat, and wear a seat-belt.  We have to 'make it click'
Dan was a ventriloquist.  That means he can do the puppet voices without moving his lips.  No-one in B6 can do that!
Take a look at our photopeach, and you can see Dan, the different puppets, and some of us too.

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  1. Hi B6,
    It looks like you are having a wonderful time at school. Dan the Puppet man certainly is very talented. I have tried talking without moving my lips but I can't do it, I will have to keep practising.
    I love your Photo Peach, isn't it fancy the way it spins around like that, your teacher is very clever.


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