Monday, 30 April 2012

Buddy-Testing in B6

Mrs Caudwell thinks it is very important for B6 children to be good spellers, so we can write quickly, and it is easy for someone to read our writing.  Our best speller is Energy, he is on list 24 already! We practice our new list at home, then have a buddy-test at school.  If we know all the words, Mrs Caudwell or Mrs Cooney will test us.  If we know all the words, we get a new list.  We are all trying to be the first person to get five new lists, so we can win a prize.  Here is Ocean doing a buddy test on Jordan before school. 


  1. I also think spelling is very important too B6. Buddy testing is such a great idea, I'm sure you all enjoy sharing and learning with each other.
    From Paula

  2. hi B6 i enjoyde your blog


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