Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pinky Comes To School.

Lucky B6 have a special new dog called Pinky.  Thank-you very much to Maia, who has kindly donated him to brilliant B6 children, who have been showing the school values.  We have Trooby, and Puppy already, and now we have Pinky.  I wonder of you can guess why she is called Pinky?


  1. Pinky is such a cute name for her too. I wonder if it has anything to do with her cheeky little tongue?
    I wonder what exciting learning adventures Pinky will have alongside you all in B6?
    From Paula

  2. awwww Mia youre so cute in that photo

    by Maraea from awesome c1...

  3. wow the dog looks cool by teteira

  4. Hi b6 its me erei. i am lios brother. that puppy is so cute.

    By erei


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