Monday, 23 April 2012

Our Shining Smiles. Day 1

We all got a new sparlky toothbrush and our own tube of toothpaste.  Deallan
You put a little bit of toothpaste on your brush.  Eben
First, you brush  your outside teeth wiggling the brush on each tooth.    Kazuki
Second ,you brush the inside of your back teeth by wiggling the brush on each tooth.  Phoenix
Third, you brush on top of the chewing teeth, at the back.    Eva
Fourth, you  flick behind your front biting teeth.  Dhruv
Fifth, you brush your tongue.   Iraia
You rinse your mouth out with water.  Santanna
You rinse your brush, and wash out the basin so you leave it clean.  Chance
You clean your teeth every morning and every night.  Tyra
Having clean teeth is healthy, and makes your smile beautiful.  Aaliyah.


  1. I bet you all have dazzling smiles showing off your pearly whites, now that you all have brand new tooth brushes and toothpaste too. Don't forget to brush morning and night.

    Mrs Norton

  2. Well done B6, I bet your breathe will smell minty fresh after brushing too.
    Don't forget to smile at me next time you see me.
    Mrs Macfarlane


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